Engineering Services

Turtle’s in-house capability offers depth of professional Architectural Engineering (A&E) design and development services, program resources and project experience required for a comprehensive approach, capable of performing multiple contracts over a wide geographic area.

Our capabilities include architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire and civil registered professional engineers, and safety and quality control managers. Team members are comprised of highly capable individuals with the experience to perform at the highest levels in the construction industry today. Each team member has has a mid-level or higher experience rating and proven record of performance.

In support of design-build strategies, we also employ the services of Lead Architect-Engineering (A-E) design firms who are experienced, registered and licensed or certified in that particular state. Turtle is adept at avoiding conflicts of interest by providing several design teams on projects. We have teams currently working in multiple states on various projects both small and large.

Turtle Associates possesses a unique capability in the field of Engineering Development pertaining to “energetic solutions” along with the resources and experience to support various levels of production and field sustainability of energetic systems. With over fifty years of experience, key Turtle Associates members have been nationally recognized for their achievements and offer a higher performance and more efficient alternative to today’s age-old engergetics base.

Some of our engineering products and capabilities include:

  • Broad knowledge and understanding at the energetic material level along with how such materials integrate with surrounding materials and structures…
  • Program expertise and discipline to execute various concurrent development and production efforts along with having the expertise to support key advisory roles to PEO’s and PM’s