Environmental Services

Environmental services have become and are now an integral part of the construction industry, representing an essential feature in preserving the habitation of limited land resources. The personnel at Turtle Associates have for many years been involved in property development associated with environmental issues including site evaluations, wetland determinations, reuse studies and real property decontamination.

As a result of this experience, Turtle Associates has developed an environmental management capability designed to provide critical project assessments and remediation planning; our design analysis procedures determine possible contaminate sources beforehand and include them as design criteria in our technical planning.

The same diligence applies to construction sites. We offer our clients complete site evaluation services including a unique 5 point evaluation and certification program, a program which:

  • Fully determines contamination penetration and scope
  • Establishes acceptable procedures and maximum contaminate tolerance levels
  • Ensures the proper packaging and deliver/disposal of waste products
  • Guarantees the acceptable disposal of all toxic wastes, including unregulated materials
  • Certifies the decontaminated site suitable for planned and intended uses

Our site capabilities include the following decontamination expertise:

  • Contaminate disposal mechanics
  • Surface and sub-surface contaminate detection
  • Soil/water/air contaminate sampling
  • Contaminate toxicity, analysis and certification

Turtle provides critical project assessments & remediation planning includng:

  • Sustainable building assessment and design
  • Life cycle costing
  • Site assessment & reuse studies
  • Real property decontamination

Learn more about these processes below: