Our Mission

In Lenape…
Ngatta allummi gischikeneen geekwall untschi Unechtgo-Lenni Lenape woak ndachgegingeneen lallogen woak ngatta allogemineen mikemossitschik untschi Unechtgo-Lenni Lenape. Lachauwelendammoaganitsch ndellissihhenna eli wulatschahajenk gahowesenna Haki enda mikemossijenke. Niluna woak ndellennapejummak meyauchsuwitehaneentsch untschi nel elekil ndelli ahoatameneen.

An English Translation…
“To increase the financial resources of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe and provide job training and career opportunities for the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape people through socially responsible, environmentally friendly construction enterprises, which are consistent with tribal cultural values.”

Turtle Associates, LLC
As a company and individuals, we perform our mission by striving to provide the highest level of professional service and conduct our work in an open, ethical manner with the bottom-line focus of satisfying our customer objectives.

Every corporate and project team activity is directed towards the goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We align our project activities with customer requirements and diligently pursue each step to accomplish our goals ensuring the continued success of their projects and our company.

Turtle Associates, LLC is a Native American Indian Business owned by the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indian Tribe of New Jersey, which provides an extensive range of construction management, general contracting and engineering services for government, institutional and commercial customers including: environmental services, energetic products and processes design and development.